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The Market Leaders Centralized financial services for a seamless customer experience
No more bouncing back and forth between apps just to deal with money movement.
Automate expense processes
with smart company cards
Woohoo Bank Open Hub A simple interface which leverages Open Banking to connect
multiple external services securely in one place.

Business And Personal Accounts

So whether you're self-employed or happily side hustling, we've built an award-winning personal and sole trader account to save you time and money.

We help our customers track everything they spend, in one place. No more fussy reimbursement and expense report processes. Provide long-term use cards with different spending limits and an extensive payment control. Enable your customers to minimize external fraud risk by issuing dynamic virtual cards for one card-payments.



Our business loans offer a fast, fair and affordable alternative for financing your plans to run and grow. You can apply for your loan online in minutes. We’ve supported over 600 businesses access working capital loans, stocking loans and loans for growing their businesses in the last two years, lending over €30m into the Irish economy. Woohoo Bank has hundreds of lenders willing to fund a business loan for SMEs. These lenders support businesses they believe in, understand and want to see succeed.

Working Capital Loans

Automotive Loans

New Equipment Loans

Personal Financial Management

Know how you spend, then help yourself do it better. With all your accounts in one place and simple, categorized transactions, you are more able to plan ahead and budget, creating financial goals for the future.

Integration with accounting and cash flow management tools such as Quickbooks and Xero. Access to 3rd-party services, ensuring the best deals.

Woohoo Open Hub Banking Platform

All account information in one secure place. Get the best offers and services from 3rd-party providers.

Woohoo Bank Open Hub Banking Platform

Retain more info, boost revenue, cross & upsell, and improve your financial management capabilities.

Woohoo Bank Open Hub Banking Platform

Business Financial Management

SME Customers | Opperate & Sell | Money Management

We put SME customers in charge of their finances with income and expense management. No credit history? No problem. We lend to SMEs, armed with insight and in-depth understanding, and help them overcome their biggest obstacle: financial administration.

  • Income & Expenses.
  • Budget.
  • Provisioning.
  • Periodic Payments.

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We provide cards with payment limits and merchant controls for a specialized budget.

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Appointments can be made with one of our advisors on Current Accounts, Teen Accounts, Credit Cards, Savings & Deposits, Investment Funds, Mortgages, Life Insurance, Pensions and Personal Loans. You can also choose to arrange a call back if you want to discuss Mortgages, Personal Loans, Pensions, Investments or Credit Cards over the phone.

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