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WooHoo Ai™ Software Hub

With a cloud based SaaS (software-as-a-service), now you can control your home from anywhere, anytime. Connect to Nest, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Fitbit and more than 1500+ products from the Zigbee and Z-wave alliances.

Customizable Voice Assistant powered by next generation cognitive AI platform.

Get personalized responses to help with your music, schedule, reminders, calls, news and more.

Customize your hardware and stand out from all those homes and echos.

Speech services, Natural Language Understanding, Dialog engine, Facial Recognition, Knowledge graph and more.

Voice enable your ideas to full fledged solutions using our simple drag and drop interface.

Train, monitor and manage your fleet of AI assistants using a robust set of tools.

WooHoo Device

Modular components that can be easily removed based on the business use case.

4 array far field microphone | 7 inch Touch screen display

Harman Kardon speakers | Rotating camera

USB, HDMI, Ethernet ports | 6 hours battery backup

Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS | Zigbee, Zwave transceivers

4G LTE chipset | Temperature, CO, Gesture, PIR sensors

AI assistant software including support for rich multimodal experience combining voice, touch and rich media.

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