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AI Virtual Assistants

There’s a whole new category of business that blew up in the last year – the category of “AI Virtual Assistants”. This is a direct result of the advances in AI and organizational expertise and they are having an immediate impact on the worker of today.

How WooHoo Ai Works

A device integrated with various sensors and functional hardware, specifically designed to serve as a fully integrated AI assistant for your organization, WooHoo Ai’s intuitive interface doubles as a gatekeeper that controls data protected by authorized permissions across various departments through a meticulous combination of voice and facial recognition technology which seamlessly identifies the user and allows him/her to have easy access to anything from company data to multiple functions offered by the smart assistant, all personalised to the preference of the user, ensuring you to have a smooth and an efficient workflow.

It all starts with WooHoo Ai’s special wake word detection, ‘Ok WooHoo Ai’, which activates the device and on the back-end it uses WooHoo Ai’s conversational Voice AI engine and Enterprise platform to deliver a personalised experience with a 100% efficient results.

In addition to its multiple functions, WooHoo Ai also comes equipped with a 360 degree moving camera and a built in 1080px projector enabled with an advanced night vision technology that creates a extra layer of security in your office spaces, both externally and internally.

It is also the only smart assistant with a built in projector that entirely erases the requirement of having an external device that only caters to one of your enterprise needs, while WooHoo Ai’s multifunctional services successfully takes care of various business requirement in your office space, including video conferences.

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More Than Just Your Regular Voice Assistant.

WooHoo Ai’s primary focus lies on assisting you and your organization with problem solving solutions, but what really makes it a one stop destination smart assistant? The answer lies on the handpicked functions added to the device keeping the requirements of users and office spaces in mind.

Equipped with a advanced digital multi pixel gas sensor powered by SENSIRION that monitors your office’s air quality, WooHoo Ai allows itself to acknowledge a fire hazard and then immediately alarm you. It also offers you a complete sensor system on a single chip, featuring a digital I2C interface, a temperature controlled micro hot plate and two additional pre-processed indoor air quality signals that learns your climate preferences and controls the temperature of a registered cabin or any enclosed space, while displaying the indoor air quality levels.

WooHoo Ai comes in with an audio set up that comprises of a 4 array mic system with CONEXANT DSP that successfully identifies the direction of the user’s voice from anywhere inside an enclosed space, which helps the device’s intuitive interface in identifying the user and allowing him/her to have easy access to company data, other personalised information.

Air quality Sensors

Smart Home Hub

Voice Recognition

7* Touchscreen

Remotely unlock doors

SaaS based IOT


​The Process responsible for converting spoken words commanded by you into written texts. It is also termed as Speech Recognition, which is widely used in context of the AI’s understanding of speech.


​Machine learning is the process by which an AI uses algorithms to perform artificial intelligence functions. In simpler words, Machine Learning is the result of applying rules to create outcomes through an AI.


​Networks that are designed to be very similar to that of a human nervous system, a Neural Network basically uses stages of learning to give AI the ability to solve complex problems by breaking them down into levels of data, which it feeds on.