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Application Monitoring is critical to the quality of service delivered by IT to end users. As application environments become more complex, room for errors or problems gets smaller.

We use technologies such as CA Application Performance Management and ITRS Geneos.

We provide business-centric application monitoring, giving visibility of all critical parts of application delivery.


This monitors critical path items and SLAs, protecting the business, predicting where problems might occur, and fixing them before they become major issues.

Woohoo AI’s application monitoring team has implemented efficient and effective solutions for many high profile organisations, and brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge for all needs.


A history of tactical, application-specific workload automation has left many organisations with relatively expensive and inefficient multi-vendor WLA silos.

Woohoo AI’s consolidation team swiftly, safely and cheaply consolidates them into a single UI, robust, multi-application WLA platform.


Few organisations are using automation technology to its full potential.

Our performance team carries out a full analysis of a current automation environment to ensure that it is correctly set-up and configured, then recommends and if required executes the appropriate upgrades or changes to the underlying infrastructure.

Managed Services

The requirement is for well maintained, robust, highly available, efficient IT services aligned to business objectives.

Managed services provide ongoing, proactive support that fosters continuous innovation, maximises productivity and reduces risk.

We supply managed services to many enterprise organisations, either independently or as part of a wider cross-supplier, cross-function support model.

Customers enjoy 24/7 access to our support team of subject matter experts(SMEs.)

Woohoo AI’s managed IT frameworks, tools and processes are expertly deployed, configured and supported. Our services are subject to continuous review and ongoing improvement.


APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation.

Woohoo AI use CA API Management to accelerate digital transformation, providing the capabilities needed to bring systems together, secure integrations, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalise on new opportunities.