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The mobile app for AutoSys Workload Automation™

AutoSight is developed by Extra Technology in association with CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company. Extra Technology is CA’s Preferred Workload Automation Partner, with over a decade of experience designing, implementing and running Enterprise Workload Automation solutions.

AutoSight is designed for administrators and users of AutoSys Workload Automation.

Using AutoSight, you can view and manage your AutoSys Workload Automation jobs and workflows on your mobile device wherever you are, responding to problems and alerts while out of the office and without a laptop.

Download the AutoSight Introduction here.


By combining CA’s Web Services interface for AutoSys with Extra Technology’s deep expertise in Workload Automation, AutoSight delivers powerful functionality to your iOS or Android device:

AutoSys Jobs

See Job attributes, Job statuses, Job runs with detail reports, Job dependencies

Interact – put jobs on hold, force start jobs, release resources and many more actions

AutoSys Global Variables

View, add, change or delete Global Variables

AutoSys Machines

View machine attributes and Machine statuses

Other Functionality

  • Powerful search capabilities, using wildcards
  • App History trail – records what you did
  • Selecting and favoriting of critical jobs – make them easy to find
  • Tutorial Tips


Double-secured – by CA Embedded Entitlements Manager at the server side, and by additional passwords and automatic timeouts in the app itself.


For AutoSys Administrators supporting large workflows, and AutoSys users responsible for managing critical workflows, AutoSight provides:

Secure and powerful interaction with your AutoSys environments on mobile devices.

Remote monitoring and management of workflows irrespective of location.


AutoSys Workload Automation r11.3.5 or newer

CA Embedded Entitlements Manager

CA Workload Automation Web Services

Want to try AutoSight?

AutoSight is commercially released on iOS and Android.

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About Woohoo AI

Woohoo AI have over 10 years’ experience providing automation solutions to enterprise customers. We have deep Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultancy and training skills in individual automation technologies – process automation, release automation, workload automation and robotic process automation.

We also specialise in integrating diverse multi-vendor automation environments into a single Intelligent Automation platform, boosting compliance and efficiency and radically reducing costs.

Compared to other integrators, the Woohoo AI difference is extensive, real-world experience. AutoSight designed by Extra Technology, assisted by CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company.