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Now download your favourite music apps like Pandora, Spotify and stream
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WooHoo is a Voice AI Startup Focusing on Smart Homes, Small Business & Enterprises. Winner of 2019 Best Product Design by German Design Council, Most innovative Product Award at CES 2018, Winner of Red Herring 2018 , WooHoo, is the world’s most interactive and intuitive AI Assistant

Connect to Nest, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Fitbit and more than 1500+ products from the Zigbee and Z-wave alliances.

We understand that everyone likes things to be simple so that’s how we built the WooHoo interface for you.

Download your favourite apps like Whatsapp, Pandora, Uber and Facebook

Create Holograms

Record holograms anywhere with just your smartphone device. Our machine learning solution will take care of processing in just a few minutes. Add a description and pick the color for the thumbnail, and that's it, your hologram is ready to be shared with the world!

Share Holograms

Share your holograms with friends using a QR code or across other social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram!

View holograms in any place: your home, an office, a conference hall, or outdoors!

And even better, anyone, anywhere can beam you as a hologram, wherever they are!

Aligned to business objectives.

Managed services provide ongoing, proactive support that fosters continuous innovation, maximises productivity and reduces risk.

Risk Management

Empower anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party risk monitoring activities with intelligent data access and analysis.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Expand the scope of RPA by providing bots with additional data from complex documents to automate front and back office processes…


Using AutoSight, you can view and manage your AutoSys Workload Automation jobs and workflows on your mobile device wherever you are, responding to problems and alerts while out of the office and without a laptop.

Introducing Hospitality Ai

A one stop voice destination for all your hospitality needs

Regular guests don’t become that way overnight. They keep coming back when they receive impeccable service and incredible value. If you want to grow your relationships with your guests, you’ve got to engage in a way that is tailored to their wants and needs. If you’re not delivering, you will end up losing out to competitors who are eager to win your guests over.

  • 24-7-365 Medical assistance from reliable doctors powered by Vdoc.
  • A security assistant that keeps hotels and guests safe.
  • Elevate the music listening experience for your guests with WooHoo music.
  • Easy and effective access to hotel amenities.
  • Redefining the luxurious experience of in-room dining with voice command.
  • Speedy check-in & check-out.

WooHoo Device

Modular components that can be easily removed based on the business use case.

  • 4 array far field microphone
  • 7 inch Touch screen display
  • Harman Kardon speakers
  • Rotating camera
  • USB, HDMI, Ethernet ports
  • 6 hours battery backup
  • Wifi, bluetooth, GPS
  • Zigbee, Zwave transceivers
  • 4G LTE chipset
  • Temperature, CO, Gesture, PIR sensors

AI assistant software including support for rich multimodal experience combining voice, touch and rich media.


Testing and release, in which we help ensure the created bots conform to Center of Excellence standards and guidelines and making them operational.


Identifying the key business processes for focus, and using our Process Optimization methodology to identify which of them to automate and which of them to fix first.


Creating the bots - a joint exercise between our consultants and your operations and technical people, with an objective of eventual self-sufficiency.

Our strategy

Whether PoC or Big Bang, a key facet of our assistance is helping plan your wider implementation of Automation Anywhere

Enterprise organizations


Application Monitoring is critical to the quality of service delivered by IT to end users. As application environments become more complex, room for errors or problems gets smaller.

We use technologies such as CA Application Performance Management and ITRS Geneos.

We provide business-centric application monitoring, giving visibility of all critical parts of application delivery.

This monitors critical path items and SLAs, protecting the business, predicting where problems might occur, and fixing them before they become major issues.

Woohoo AI’s application monitoring team has implemented efficient and effective solutions for many high profile organisations, and brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge for all needs.